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TranX2 Decoder
As the heart of the TranX system, the TranX2 Decoder receives the transponder information (known as passings) from the track, which in turn sends the data to a timing computer. Compact and portable, the TranX2 Decoder is easily moved from track to track throughout your race season. Like all AMB equipment, the TranX2 Decoder undergoes extensive testing before leaving our office to ensure 100% reliability.


Detection loop
The detection loop picks up transponders as they pass over it. Since thousands of tracks across the world already have an AMB detection loop installed at the start/finish line, race day setup is as simple as attaching a few coaxial cables to the AMB decoder and turning on the computer.  The dectection loop comes in two parts: the loop and the co-ax.  The loop is permanently installed in the track. The two parts link together via electrical connectors.

Detection loop

Laptops with Orbits 4 SP2 Software
Orbits 4 SP2 is developed for various motorized sports like Motocross, Karting, Car and Motorcycle racing. Developed by AMB’s Software Division, Orbits 4 SP2 offers the possibility to time several timelines on your track, adjustable print columns, intuitive wizards for starting grids, merging of races, and championship standings, as well as offering a connection for a separate administration computer for race registration and printing of results. GP Sports Timing rents laptops pre-loaded with Orbits 4 SP2 timing software.  All data is cleaned of the computers between rentals so only your data will be visible to you.  You can easily make a back-up file of all your data and keep it on a disc so you can re-load it prior to your next rental.

Orbits software

TranX2 Decoder
Clock stability: 0.5 ppm
Timing Resolution: 0.001s
Temperature range: -10 - 60 °C (14 - 140 °F)
Humidity: 10 - 90% relative
Power supply: 12 VDC via 110v/230v AC adapter
Output: RS232, 10/100 Base T (TCP/IP)


Detection Loop
Track width: max. 20m (65 ft)
Coax to decoder: max. 100m (330 ft)
Loop Resistance: ~470 Ohms
Coax Resistance: ~100kOhms


TranX Pro Rechargeable Transponder
Max. speed: 500 km/h (310 mph)
Transponder position: max. height (autos) 60 cm (2 ft), motorcycles 120 cm (4 ft)
Weight: 120 g
Dimensions: 73x50x22 mm (3"x2"x1")
Temperature range: 0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F)
Operating time: min. 5 days +1 after full charge
Charge time: min. 16 hrs for full charge


TranX260 Rechargeable Transponder
Numbers available: unlimited
Max. speed: 260 km/h (160 mph)
Position: max. height 60 cm (2 ft) for cars, 120 cm (4 ft) for motorcycles
Operating time: min. 4 days +1 after full charge
Charge time: min. 16 hrs for full charge


TranX160 Transponder
Numbers available: unlimited
Max. speed: 160 km/h / 100 mph
Transponder position: max. height 30 cm / 1 ft
Weight: 95 g
Operating time: min. 4 days +1 after full charge
Charge time: 16 hrs for full charge